Press Releases

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2022 Press releases

June 27: COVID-19 Vaccines Available for Children Under 5 Starting June 29

June 13: Berrien County Health Department Announces Summer Schedule for Pre-Kindergarten Hearing and Vision Screening Clinics

June 8: Benton Harbor Farmers Market Set to Open June 22

May 23: Benton Harbor Farmers Market Seeking Produce and Other Vendors for 2022 Season 

April 19: Berrien County Health Department Brings Awareness to Dangers of Underage Drinking 

April 13: Second COVID-19 Boosters Available to Eligible Berrien County Residents

April 11: Berrien County Health Department Continues Providing Free Water Filters, Filter Installation to Benton Harbor Residents

March 1: Berrien County Health Department Brings Awareness to Dangers of Thirdhand Smoke

February 17th: Berrien County Health Department Updates Mask Guidance for Public Settings, Including Schools

February 8th: Third Video in "Play Your Part" Series Addresses Vaccine Hesitancy, Berrien County Health Department Hosts Panel Discussion Feb. 11

February 1st: Berrien County Health Department Urging Residents to Get Vaccinated and Boosted 

January 4th: Berrien County Health Department Updates Isolation and Quarantine Guidance for COVID-19

January 3rd: Berrien County Health Department Announces New COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Schedule


2021 PREss releases

December 17th: Berrien County Health Department Offering Pfizer COVID-19 Booster for Ages 16-17 

October 20th: City of Benton Harbor Residents to Continue Use of Bottled Water after Water Main Break

October 18th: Berrien County Health Department Officials Resign

September 29th: BCHD Rescinds Public Health Order Requiring Masks in School Settings

September 28th: BCHD Recognizes Sexual Health Awareness Month

September 21st: Infant Mortality Awareness Event

September 1st: BCHD Issues Public Health Mask Order for Educational Settings

August 30th: Berrien County Health Department Recognizes International Overdose Awareness Day

August 17th: Back to School Bash Events Planned for Berrien County Families

August 12th: Berrien County Health Department Provides Updated COVID-19 Prevention Recommendations

August 2nd: Breastfeeding on the Bluff Event 2021

July 29th: Berrien County Health Officials Urge COVID-19 Vaccination for Adolescents 

July 27th: Organizations in Southwest Michigan join forces to increase COVID-19 vaccination rates, combat misinformation

June 24th: Berrien County Health Department Health Officer Transition

June 21st: Benton Harbor Farmers Market Opens on June 23rd, 2021

May 27th: Health Department welcomes new Medical Director

May 13th: Health Department to begin administering Pfizer vaccine to 12-15 year olds

April 26th: Berrien County Resumes Use of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

April 13th: Berrien County Pauses Administration of the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

April 5th, 2021: Berrien County COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

March 16th, 2021: Berrien County COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

March 4th, 2021: Berrien County Health Department Expands Access to COVID-19 Vaccination 

February 22nd, 2021: COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Postponed for Tuesday, February 23rd

January 21st, 2021: Berrien County COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

January 11th, 2021: Berrien County Moving Forward with Next Phase of COVID-19 Vaccination Effort 

January 6th, 2021: Berrien County Health Department Statement Regarding State of Michigan Moving to Next Phase of COVID-19 Vaccination

January 5th, 2021: Berrien County Expands COVID-19 Vaccination to All of Phase 1A

2020 Press Releases

December 29th, 2020: COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts Underway in Berrien County

November 19th, 2020: Open Letter to Berrien County Residents

November 9th, 2020: Health Department Shifts Prioritization of COVID-19 Case Investigations

November 3rd, 2020: Health Department Continues to Offer Opportunities for Flu Vaccination

October 22nd, 2020: Open Letter Issued Jointly from BCHD and Berrien County Schools regarding increasing COVID-19 cases in the area

October 5th, 2020: Statement from the Berrien County Health Department about Governor Whitmer’s revoked emergency powers and potential future local action

September 24th, 2020: Health Officials Urge Flu Vaccination

July 14th, 2020: BCHD Releases Back2WorkSafe Online Employee Illness Tracking Tool

July 1, 2020: BCHD Works In Collaboration with Area Schools to Prepare Plans

June 30th, 2020: Benton Harbor Farmers Market Opens for 2020 Season

June 10th, 2020: BCHD Encourages Preventive Services Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

June 3rd, 2020: Health Department Monitoring Potential for Vector-Borne Illness in Berrien County

June 2nd, 2020: Berrien County Provides Additional COVID-19 Data on Updated Dashboard

May 28th, 2020: Michigan National Guard Assists with Voluntary COVID-19 Testing for Berrien County Jail and Long-Term Care Facilities

May 15th, 2020: Berrien County Organizations Provide COVID-19 Response Updates 

May 8th, 2020: Berrien County Departments Collaborate on Reopening Guidance for Workplaces

April 29th, 2020: Berrien County Announces Expanded Testing Capability for COVID-19

April 20th, 2020: Berrien County Encourages Residents to Contribute to COVID-19 Response

April 17th, 2020: Pine Ridge Focused on Resident, Employee Safety After Identifying COVID-19 Positive Cases

April 13th, 2020: COVID-19 Illness Cluster Identified at Benton Harbor Long Term Care Facility

April 10th, 2020: Berrien County Reacts to Michigan Stay Home Stay Safe Executive Order Extension

April 9th, 2020: Berrien County Calls for Volunteers, Donations in COVID-19 Response

April 6th, 2020: Berrien County Officials Report 2nd Death, Urge Commitment to Social Distancing

April 3rd, 2020: Berrien County Extends Local State of Emergency

April 1st, 2020: Berrien County Officials Advise Residents to Call Hotline, Not 9-1-1 for Executive Order Questions

March 30th, 2020: Berrien County Announces First COVID-19 Death

March 26th, 2020: Berrien County Declares Local State of Emergency in Response to COVID-19

March 24th, 2020: Berrien County COVID-19 Updates

March 23rd, 2020: Berrien County Clarifies Executive Order 2020-21

March 23rd, 2020: Berrien County Officials Emphasize Importance of "Stay At Home" Order

March 23rd, 2020: Berrien County Announces Additional Cases of COVID-19

March 21st, 2020: First Cases of COVID-19 in Berrien County

March 18th, 2020: Potential Exposure to COVID-19 at March 8th Concert in Berrien Springs

March 17th, 2020: Health Department Alters Program Operations in Response to COVID-19

March 13, 2020: Health Department Responds to State-Wide K-12 Closure due to COVID-19

March 3, 2020: Health Department Finds Possible Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure at Local Piercing Facility

2019 Press Releases

October 31, 2019: Berrien County Health Department Offers Water Filters to Residents in Village of Eau Claire  

October 2, 2019: Berrien County Health Officials Urge Flu Vaccination for Residents

September 18, 2019: Health Department Recommends Actions to Protect Against Eastern Equine Encephalitis

August 22, 2019: Get Kids Ready for School at Berrien County Health Department “Back to School Bash”

July 30, 2019: 4th Annual “Breastfeeding on the Bluff” Event to Celebrate Breastfeeding in Berrien County

June 20, 2019: Benton Harbor Farmers Market Set to Open on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

April 4, 2019: Health Department Brings Awareness to Alcohol Addiction during April

March 1, 2019: Health Department to Continue Water Filter Distribution in Benton Harbor

February 4th, 2019: Benton Harbor Water Filter Distribution

January 25th, 2019: Benton Harbor Residents Encouraged to Take Steps to Prevent Lead Exposure

January 23, 2019: Townhall Event to Provide Updated Information on City of Benton Harbor Water

2018 Press Releases

October 3, 2018: Residents Urged to Get Flu Vaccinations

August 27th, 2018: BCHD to Host 3rd Annual Back to School Bash