Self Help Legal Resource

The Self-Help Legal Resource Center was opened on April 20, 2009, and is designed to make information and forms more readily available to those who wish to represent themselves in court proceedings. Although legal advice cannot be given, staff and volunteers are pleased to assist patrons with the procedural steps involved in filing court documents.

Services Provided

About the Self-Help Center

We Can

  • Explain and answer questions about how the court works
  • Provide referrals to attorneys or other resources
  • Provide general information about court rules, procedures and practices
  • Provide information about court scheduling
  • Provide court forms and instructions on how to get forms
  • Answer questions about court filing
  • Check court forms and papers for completeness

We Cannot

  • Give legal advice
  • Determine if a case should be brought to court
  • Advise what wording to use on court forms or paper
  • Advise what to say in court
  • Give an opinion about what will happen in court
  • Speak to the judge about a case
  • Change an order signed by a judge


While the assistance given at the Self-Help Legal Resource Center is free of charge, there is a small fee associated with some of the forms and copies.

$0.25 per page
Divorce packet with children
Divorce packet without children
Custody packet for unmarried couples
Single sheet forms
No charge
Small Claims and landlord/tenant forms
Friend of the Court motions
No charge
Personal Protection Order
No charge