Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center - West

As the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center West (MMTC) regional office, The Right Place Program of Grand Rapids links area manufacturers to a network of technical resources. By working in partnership with other economic development organizations, it helps to deliver these services to a 17-county region.

Performance Bench-marking

To help small or mid-sized manufacturers get started, The Right Place Program offers free performance bench-marking. This service provides customized reports that can form the basis for comparison with manufacturers from the same industry, and lays the foundation for a learning plan designed to improve a company's skills and performance.

Inter-Firm Learning

Manufacturers fulfill their learning plans through either inter-firm learning programs or customized solutions. When firms learn from each other and an industry championed facilitator, each gains the experienced assistance they need to turn improvement goals into reality.

Types of inter-firm learning and customized assistance programs include:

  • Benchmark studies
  • Customized manufacturing assessment and consulting
  • Industry conferences
  • Industry councils
  • Tours of best practice
  • User groups
  • Workshops

Contact Information

Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center - West
Michelle Cleveland, Vice President
The Right Place Program
111 Pearl Street
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: 616-771-0325
Fax: 616-771-0329
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