Current Projects

A collage of computer parts.Top Projects

Berrien County Information Systems has several projects currently in development or being researched for future application. Following is a list of our top projects:  

  • Expand the use of our current imaging system
  • Implement internet visitations for inmates
  • Implement new EMR (Electronic Medical Records) application
  • Jail remodeling project (security, cameras, wiring, etc.)
  • Migrate Prosecutor’s Office to PACC/PAMM
  • Re-write County websites – adding functionality and ADA compliance
  • Replace current Court in-house-written application
  • Replace current Election equipment
  • Replace current Mainframe Drain application
  • Replace current Mainframe Pension application
  • Review body cameras for Officers


All projects listed have funding requirements. Due to funding restrictions, some or all projects may not be implemented.