Public Health Promotion & Substance Abuse Prevention

The BCHD Public Health Promotion & Prevention program seeks to promote a stable, safe, and healthy environment for all children and families in Berrien County. Our Certified Prevention Specialists work with Berrien County schools, local law enforcement, mental health authorities, and many other community organizations and agencies to provide community education and tools to prevent abuse of alcohol, tobacco, prescription medications, and other drugs.

Home Drug Testing Kits

The most effective way to reduce substance abuse is to prevent addiction before it starts; drug tests, used in the privacy of the home, are a secure and non-invasive way to test teens or loved ones for drugs. The Substance Abuse Prevention Program provides home drug testing kits for $10. The drug test screens for methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, opiates, and benzodiazepine - the five most common drugs of abuse today. 

The Redi-Cup at-home drug test is a simple, contact-free test. The results are easy to interpret and available within five minutes. Purchase of a home drug test kit through the BCHD Health Promotion & Prevention Program can be done with complete anonymity. For more information, please contact Lisa Peeples-Hurst at 269-927-5690.

Opioid Education Video Series